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m27 – Excellence in Corporate Finance

In order to keep an overview of the multitude of different funding and financing options, it is necessary to deal intensively with the market and to keep up-to-date with information.

As part of the INSPIRALIA group, m27 can offer 360-degree-service with a wide range of services and thus guarantee comprehensive support for your projects.

Our consulting service is characterized by productive-critical questioning of your project ideas. By consistently analyzing and questioning your project idea (s), we ensure that you receive a sustainable, promising and affordable basis for the implementation of your planned project. Permanent knowledge transfer ensures that we find the best solution depending on the phase in which a company is!

We stand for

The m27 team

Our team is characterised by Experience, Reliability, Knowledge and Efficiency.

Javier Calvet-Stoffel

Javier Calvet-Stoffel

Javier Calvet-Stoffel is Spanish, he is the Managing Director of m27 Finance in Vienna and holds a degree in European Business Administration.

Javier speaks fluent Spanish, German, English and French as well as some Italian and Japanese.


+43 (1) 533 1090 22

Michael Schmidbauer

Michael Schmidbauer

Michael Schmidbauer is Austrian, he is the Managing Director of m27 Fedas and Finance and holds an Executive MBA in Business Administration.

Michael speaks German and English.


+43 (316) 23 23 23 23

Ulrich Albertshauser

Ulrich Albertshauser

Ulrich Albertshauser is German, he works as Senior Consultant and holds a PhD in Economics.

Ulrich speaks German, English and Italian.


AT +43 (1) 533 1090 21

DE +49 (170) 35 33 033

Peter Baumgartner

Peter Baumgartner

Peter Baumgartner is Austrian, he works as Senior Consultant and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Peter speaks German, English, Russian, and French.


+43 (1) 533 1090 12

Daniel Eveleens

Daniel Eveleens

Daniel Eveleens is a hybrid between German and Spanish. He works as a Junior Consultant and Business Development. He holds an MBA in International Management.

Daniel speaks German, Spanish, English, and a bit of French.


 +43 (1) 533 1090 23

Andrea Kirchmeier

Andrea Kirchmeier

Andrea Kirchmeier is Austrian, she works as Office Manager and has training in Technical Design.

Andrea speaks German and basic English.


+43 (676) 588 5000

Anika Kröpfl

Anika Kröpfl

Anika Kröpfl is Austrian, she works as an Office Assistant.

Anika speaks German and English.


 +43 (1) 533 10 90 11

Andreas Lutz

Andreas Lutz

Andreas Lutz is Austrian, he works as a Senior Consultant and holds a Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration.

Andreas speaks German and English.


+43 (1) 533 1090 31

Andrea Moritz

Andrea Moritz

Andrea Moritz is Austrian, she works as Communications Coordinator and holds a Master’s Degree in Economics.

Andrea speaks German and English.


+43 (1) 533 1090 71

Christian Pfeiffer

Christian Pfeiffer

Christian Pfeiffer is Austrian, he works as a Senior Consultant in Sales.

Christian speaks German and English.


+43 (676) 579 0000

Christian Rebernig

Christian Rebernig

Christian Rebernig is Austrian, he works as he has a Business Development Manager and hold a master’s degree in Economics.

Christian speaks German, English, Französisch and Spanish.


 +43 (1) 533 1090 98

Pablo Santana Tur

Pablo Santana Tur

Pablo Santana Tur is Spanish, he works as Junior Consultant and holds a MBA.

Pablo speaks Spanish, English and German.


 +43 (1) 533 1090 24

Our story

January 1994

Establishment of a company as a specialist in public subsidies

January 1997

Expansion of the product portfolio to include international marketing

January 2004

Focus on and addition to the solely grant-related topics in the form of the topic of financing

January 2008

Cooperation agreement with our partner in Graz, m27 Fedas

January 2011

Relocation to our current office in 1010 Vienna, Stallburggasse 4/2/8

January 2015

Cooperation agreement with Spanish partner – INSPIRALIA S.L.

January 2017

100% takeover of UWEK GmbH in Linz as part of the m27 family

January 2018

Expansion of our activities in Germany and Switzerland.

Takeover of m27 by the long-time partner INSPIRALIA – Vienna as an ideal starting point for the support of the D / A / CH market

About Inspiralia

Inspiralia is a New Product Development Company founded in 2005 and based in Madrid. With its subsidiaries, the Inspiralia Group offers a global and unique 360-degree service for everything related to innovation and financing: concept development, innovation strategy and development support, procurement of financing and funding, and support for market launch.

Inspiralia’s mission is to support clients to develop and market innovative products.

Delivering more than expected

We are client focused and surpass expectations

Being results focused

We are entrepreneurs and shareholders

Bringing passion and vocation

Our values make us unique

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