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EU Funding Horizon 2020

In the budget period 2014-2020, above all the new R&D programme “Horizon 2020”, endowed with almost EUR 80 billion, offers several financing opportunities.

Applications must be submitted directly to the EU Commission or to the executive agencies for the individual programs. Funds are among others available for projects in the following areas:

  • Research and Development
  • Education
  • Environmental Protection
  • Information society
  • Energy
  • Traffic
  • Cross-border cooperation

The projects usually have to be applied for by consortia made up of partners from different EU member states.

In “cooperative projects”, the EU Commission sets the thematic priorities. In contrast, the bottom-up approach applies to other programs (e.g. Accelerator Pilot, Fast Track to Innovation – FTI, Pathfinder and EUREKA – Eurostars).

m27 supports you in applying for EU funding, the services include:

  • Analysis and presentation of the project
  • Selection of the optimal funding
  • Partner search
  • Negotiation of the “Consortium Agreement”
  • Advice on IPR (“Intellectual Property Rights”)
  • Project application
  • Advice on negotiations with the EU Commission for signing the funding contract
  • Accompanying project management and execution
  • Preparation of the final report
  • Settlement with the funding agency


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