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EU Funding Horizon Europe

“Horizon 2020” has become a success story with European added value and demonstrable benefits. Building on this, “Horizon Europe” will continue to support the entire research and innovation cycle and is expected to be one of the largest funding programs for research and innovation worldwide, even more extensive than “Horizon 2020”.

Citizens are to be more involved and the positive benefits of research and innovation – for example, through advances in health or the environment – communicated even more clearly. The “missions” with clearly defined goals also serve this purpose. The term of “Horizon Europe” begins on January 1, 2021 and ends on December 31, 2027.

The new “Horizon Europe” program is based on three pillars:


Pillar I

Excellent Science

This includes the European Research Council, the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions and research infrastructures. This pillar retains the strong “bottom-up” character that exists in large parts and continues to focus on excellent science and strengthening the EU science base.

Pillar II

Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness

The two previous pillars “Industrial Technologies” and “Societal Challenges” in Horizon 2020 will be merged into six thematic clusters to promote key technologies and solutions in support of EU policies and sustainability goals.

The 6 clusters are:

  • Health
  • Culture, creativity and an inclusive society
  • Civil security for society
  • Digitalization, Industry and Space
  • Climate, energy and mobility
  • Food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment

Pillar III

Innovative Europe

Another key change is the establishment of the “European Innovation Council (EIC)”. Grants for high-risk projects will be used to develop innovative technologies for new markets. Two complementary funding instruments (so-called Pathfinder for the early phase, so-called Accelerator for development and market launch) are envisaged in the EIC, covering the entire innovation cycle.

Mission orientation

The positive benefits of research and innovation – for example, through advances in health and the environment – are to be communicated even more clearly than in the current Horizon 2020 program. Among other things, “missions” with clearly defined goals will serve this purpose. Four experts from Austria are actively involved in shaping missions on cancer, climate-neutral cities, and soil health and food.

m27 supports you in applying for EU funding. The services include

  • Analysis and presentation of the project
  • Selection of the optimal funding
  • Partner search
  • Negotiation of the “Consortium Agreement
  • Consulting regarding IPR (“Intellectual Property Rights”)
  • Application of the project
  • Advice on negotiations with the EU Commission for the signing of the grant agreement
  • Accompanying project management and execution
  • Preparation of the final report
  • Accounting with the funding agency
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