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Funding in Austria

Due to many years of experience, m27 is a specialist in the national funding area and supports companies with Austrian funding within the framework of FFG, ERP, AWS, KPC and other funding agencies.

This ranges from a free project pre-check (m27 opportunity check) and the selection of the optimal funding to complete project management.

m27’s services include: m27 opportunities check (free pre-check)

  • m27 opportunities check (free pre-check)
  • Initial consulting
  • Selection of the optimal funding program
  • Detailed documentation of the optimal funding program
  • Preparation and submission of the funding application
  • Project support and management
  • Preparation of the final report
  • Settlement with the funding agency


Research and development Funding

FFG and AWS funding programs support companies in the implementation of research and development projects.

Developments are very time-consuming and costly. They also tie up human resources in the long term. The failure of such a project can even lead to bankruptcy of the company.

With research and development grants, the funding agencies take on part of the risk and thus allow companies to implement innovative projects that can secure the continued existence of the company and thus secure jobs in the long term.

There are both non-repayable grants as well as the assumption of liability and the granting of guarantees to the financing house bank.

Tax refund for R&D expenditures

If your company actively participates within the field of research or experimental development you may get back 14 % of your R&D expenses in form of the R&D tax refund from your tax authorities. Within the process, the costs of in-house R&D activities as well as contract research are recognized.

The advantages of the new R&D tax refund are convincing:

  • The R&D tax refund is tax-free!
  • You can also apply for the R&D tax refund in case of a loss!

Certain requirements have to be met regarding which purchases and expenditures for R&D are possible within the framework of the R&D tax refund application! The following expenditures regarding R&D serve as an assessment basis:

  • Personnel costs
  • Immediate expenses for e.g. Prototypes, external services, etc.
  • Direct investments such as measuring devices
  • Financing expense
  • Overheads

Environmental Funding

Fundamentally, KPC environmental funding for commercial and industrial companies in Austria is funding for all those measures that help to reduce CO2 emissions.

As a rule, this usually happens through process changes made in your company, whereby both lower resource consumption and lower emissions can be represented.

Here are some examples of where environmental funding could be considered:

  • Thermal building restoration
  • Air-conditioning and cooling measures
  • Building services
  • Investment in sources of renewable energy
  • Measures to improve inner-company traffic and mobility
  • Waste prevention measures

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